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Mysterious new Fuchsia OS from Google that will replace Android

google new fuchsia os to replace android

google new fuchsia os to replace android

Android operating system has always been on top and continues to dominate all round with only a challenge from Apple’s iOS. Not everyone is going to be a fan of Android because of some things they might not like about it but worldwide we know it’s on top. Now for quite some time, there has been rumors and leaks about Fuchsia. Google itself has been releasing some software development kit that will enable developers to code universal apps that will run on Android, iOS and even Fuchsia.

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Reports has shown that the new operating system Fuchsia will run on everything from Google and also fix some issues of Android like privacy and update speed. The good news is Google has finally talked about it by Hiroshi Lockheimer, leader of Android and Chrome efforts. This was his statement at I/O 2019 this week;

We’re looking at what a new take on an operating system could be like. And so I know out there people are getting pretty excited saying, ‘Oh this is the new Android,’ or, ‘This is the new Chrome OS,’” he said, per The Verge Fuchsia is really not about that. Fuchsia is about just pushing the state of the art in terms of operating systems and things that we learn from Fuchsia we can incorporate into other products.

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