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Offers Ad Facebook | How To Create Facebook Offers | What Is Facebook Offer

Offers Ad Facebook

Offers On Facebook

How To Create Facebook Offers For Business

what is offer ad facebook

Offers Ad Facebook

Offer ad on facebook reminds of a funny story one of my friend who is a businessman told me of how he made an amazing sales of the goods he thought he will never sell. Before I proceed to what facebook offer ad is, it is important that I tell you the story, because it will help you to under the power of Facebook offer ads.

One day I was discussing with my friend who owns an Online and offline shop, he said he had a product (Price $10) in his store for almost 6 months and no one showed interest in buying the product, he was worried and wanted to auction out the product a price, less than the cost price. His sales and promotion officer can up the idea of offering a discount to customers to see if that will attract them to buy the product. We decided to up the price for the product ( Frome $10 to $15) then add a discount of $5 to bring back the price of the product to $10. To His great surprise, the product sold out in less than two and customers bought it all at the same $10 price which it was first valued.

The bottom line is that people Love to word DISCOUNT, and this is exactly what Facebook Offer can do for your business.

What Is Facebook Offer

Offers is simply a discount deal a facebook business page is willing to offer to its patronizers in other to attract more deals and sales. Offers has been the most lucrative way to make a sale on goods and services from your Facebook selling pages and groups, online store and shops and business pages.

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Facebook Offer helps you to provide discount ads to your customers on Facebook and increase the Marketing of products. Everyone loves making sales and keeping your customers, Facebook offers AD can help you do that, with just simple clicks and discount, you will bring your customers back and attract a new one.


How To Create Facebook Offers For Business

Facebook is doing their best to making the platform user-friendly and all new features added to Facebook is taking the manner, so, therefore, how to create a facebook offer ad for business is easy and you can create and offer ad with munites and watch your product sale skyrocket. To archive this, follow the steps below to create your own offer ad for your Facebook business:

  • Go to the Facebook Business page to start creating your Ad or click HERE.
  • Select Your Business page which you want to run the discount for (Business can be your facebook fan page, store page, shop page, buy and sell page). If you don’t have a business page yet learn how to create one HERE.
  1. Choose TrafficConversions or Store Traffic for your offer ad objective.
  2. You’ll see a section labeled Offer. Switch the toggle button to ON.
  3. Choose the Page you want to create an offer ad for and click Create Offer.
  4. Add details about your offer, choose where it can be redeemed, and set up a unique code or bar code for your offer (optional). Then click Create.

    Note: Offer Details Page Example shows a preview of how your offer ad will look when you’re done. Notification Example will show the reminder people will get to redeem your offer.

  5. Choose your AudiencePlacements, Budget and Schedule for your offer ad. Click Continue when you’re done.
  6. Choose a format and images or video for your offer ad, and enter some text that tells people what you’re promoting. For complete design specifications for your offer ad, see the Facebook ads
  7. Click Place Order.
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Once your ad is approved, it’ll be shown to the target audience you chose.




How A User Or customer can find Offers on Facebook

  • Login On your Facebook account
  • on your Facebook home page scroll down click on MORE under Explore on the left bar
  • Click on offer
  • You can choose from the offers available near you.

3 Types Of Facebook Offer for business/ customers

Facebook offer ad can come in three packages and it all depends on the shop owner or promotion officer.

  • ONLINE ONLY: This can come as a discount coupon that will be used to shop from the advertiser’s online shop only.
  • STORE ONLY: This is the type which is used by the offline shop, and the discount voucher can be redeemed when you make a purchase from the store.
  • STORE & ONLINE: This one is a multipurpose discount Offer which can be redeemed at both online an offline stores.

How Customers Can Claim Their Offer

Cleaning you offer as a customer is very easy, all you need to do is to:

  • find the offer that best suits your need
  • Click on the offer to locate the discount coupon or pin to redeem your discount.
  • Once you find it, proceed to the online or offline shop to redeem your discount and enjoy your shopping.




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