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Offers And Discounts Facebook

Offers And Discounts

Offers And Discounts Facebook

Offers And Discounts Facebook

Facebook business is becoming a big deal, the number of both sellers an buyers online is rapidly increasing day by day and demand for offers and discount deals has become one the most search term on Facebook.

The platform has been saturated with lots of individuals offering offers and discounts deals for different kinds of deals. The Facebook Marketplace is becoming highly competitive, too many sellers offering similar goods and services at different prices.

On our previous post, we discussed Offers And Deals USA Facebook and How To Find Facebook Offers And Deal In USA, Facebook Offer Ad | How To Create And Increase Sales With Facebook Offer Ad, Offers And Deals Near You On Facebook | How To find Deals Near Me it will be nice if you check the post out, it will add more value to how you go about your spend and make money off Facebook.

Offers And Discounts Facebook

Offers and discount facebook has proven to be the most attractive way to attract people to what you are selling online. The save yourself the stress of pricing and increase rush on your sales offers and discount is a subtle way you can archive this art.

Cash Discount, Percentage Discount, Free Shipping, Value added offers, Member-exclusive rewards, Product bundling are types of offers and deals you can introduce to your shop to attract both old and new buyers to your shop. All these types of offers and discount are applicable on facebook business page.

For buyers who are looking for offers and discount deals on Facebook, we have a breakdown steps to find it on this post: , , Offers And Deals Near You On Facebook | How To find Deals Near Me.

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How To Create A Facebook Business Page

What is the facebook business page? facebook business page is also known as facebook fan or brand page. due to the major upgrade of Facebook moving from normal conventional connecting of people to complete business platform, Facebook decided to call what we used to know as FB fan page to Facebook Business page and included many new features and functionalities.

To learn how to create a facebook business page follow the steps below. If you already one for your business proceed to the next step.

  • Login To your Facebook Account
  • On the desktop view at the top right corner of the landing page, you will see Create, click on and create a page
  • Follow to guide and complete your facebook business page creation.

Congratulations your Facebook business page has been created, you may want to learn how to drive traffic to your page click HERE, That’s by the way lets proceed to create our first offer.

How To Create Offers and Deals Using FB Business page

Creating offer and deals for your product or services is as easy as posting a post on your page timeline for your subscribers to see it.

  • Click your post box and type what you want to post, you will see a button telling you “PUBLISH AS REGULAR POST” or “TURN INTO OFFER“.
  • Click turn into offer the interface below will show up.
    • Here you can set your Product pictures, Offer Type, discount amount(in % 0r Amount), discount item/services, offer to start and end date, Where people can redeem the promo coupon, choose if its online or offline shop
    • Targeted audience, location, age grade, gender, etc.
    • Click publish offer and you are done.

    Visitors can now see your offer, for a more effective result you can spend a few dollars to promote your offer to your targeted audience and increase your sales.

To see picture step by step on how to create a post with offers and discount from your Facebook business page click HERE.


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