OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100: low prices at the expense of updates


With the Nord N10 5G and N100, OnePlus has recently introduced two new affordable smartphones. But the savings are not limited to the hardware.

Already with the first Nord model, OnePlus offered a cheap smartphone below its flagships. A few weeks ago, the Nord N10 5G and N100 followed, which among other things will enable cheaper access to the new 5G networks for many new buyers.

However, the prices of the OnePlus Nord N100, for example, which start at around 200 Euros, have a catch that some buyers might be reluctant to accept. As Android Central reports, the smartphones equipped with OxygenOS 10.5, which is based on Android 10, will only receive a single update to the next version of Google’s operating system, Android 11.

In comparison, the OnePlus 8T, which was introduced before the Nord N10 5G and N100, already runs on an Android 11-based operating system from the factory. As soon as the two cheap smartphones receive this update, whenever that may be, it will be done with big software jumps.

Nord N10 5G and N100: Shorter update support for cheap smartphones

While many other large manufacturers release two Android updates and security updates for three years for their devices, OnePlus saves at this important point. According to Android Central, the Nord N10 5G and N100 will only receive one major update, Android 10 to 11, and two years of security updates. It also remains to be seen how often OnePlus will release these possibly important security updates for the two cheap smartphones. Motorola is one of the other few companies that only support their devices for these short periods of time.

So when deciding to buy, you should keep this update policy in mind and possibly choose another manufacturer or a more expensive OnePlus model.

Android Central praises OnePlus for having managed to bring the OnePlus 8 series to the stable version of OxygenOS 11 relatively quickly. At the same time, they say that the manufacturer may have taken on too much by introducing the many new (Nord) models and now has to save on software support. Besides the three already known Nord models the Chinese company is supposedly working on a fourth version, the OnePlus Nord SE.



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