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How To Open A link In New Tab On Reddit

We are discussing on this topic: How To Open A link In New Tab On Reddit.

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Reddit is a news platform where 100s of thousands of user gather to share links and information which are given priority rating by making users vote up and down a new post. before we proceed with this post, we will like you to follow us on Reddit(click HERE OR search the username Itechflake).

On our previous post, we talked about how we can make a new post under a particular Reddit, (if you missed, click here), there we showed step by step on how you can a successful post on Reddit with picture guides.


 how to open a link in a new tab on Reddit

If you are new to Reddit, you must have noticed that, when you see a post with an interesting topic and you wish to read more on the topic, once you click on the post, you will completely leave the Reddit site and this sometimes is not good. The best thing to is to set your Reddit preference in a way that when you click on a link, it should open in new tabs, like this you can still have your Reddit page open and your new link opens on a new tab.

Steps to setting up your Reddit preferences

STEP 1. Open your Reddit on your computer and go to your profile or dashboard.

reddit home page

STEP 2. Click on settings, a drop-down menu will open


STEP3. Click on User preferences

STEP4. You will see clicking options, open links in a new window, check the checkbox

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STEP 5. scroll to the bottom of the page and click save options and you are done.

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