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Paylater (Carbon) Loan App Review

Get Interest-free loan from Carbon (Paylater)

Paylater (carbon) Loan App Review

Paylater Loan App Review

Paylater (carbon)Loan App Review

What Is Paylater (carbon)

Payleter(Carbon) is a smart mobile financial application that allows you to get instant short term loan without collateral and also invest your money to get huge interest returns.

About Paylater Loan

Paylater is Nigeria’s leading digital financial services platform that specializes in consumer lending. Paylater empowers individuals with access to credit, simple payments solutions, high-yield investment opportunities and easy-to-use tools for personal financial management. Pay later is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. they are a global company of over 40 employees with operations in Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Portugal. Read more about paylater company HERE

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Can Paylater Work On iPhone

Paylater loan app does not support iPhone or IOs at the time of this post, and am the company are really looking into getting this problem solved. Paylater is an Android-based app.

Download And Install Paylater App

To download paylater loan app, click HERE, to download the app from google play store, follow the instructions to install the app, once the app is installed appropriately and can click on the icon to LUNCH start enjoying quick loans or making investments.


How Much Can I Borrow From PayLater

How you can borrow depends on how much your credit your account can borrow, Buy this I mean, if you are making big money transactions on your account the app can learn you reasonable amount of cash, if not it can give you a try with small amount of money, if you repay it on time, the app will trust you and increase your loan amount.

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Is Paylater Legit

Yes, paylater is legit because I have been using for some time now and they have never given me any reason to doubt their services, plus the company is over 6years and it operates in up to 5 countries.

Is Paylater Safe And Reliable

Yes, based on my experience with paylater, they are safe and reliable. Unlike other apps similar to paylater, They don’t pressure to make the repayment, or send you empty treats even when your loan is long overdue for repayment.

Other Services Offered by Paylater include

Where Is Paylater Office


Plot 1224,
Bishop Oluwole Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos

Contact Paylater

For inquiries, questions or complaint please click HERE to reach out to paylater customer services.

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People Review About Paylater:

Ani Celestine

Paylater remains the best so far. I have been borrowing from them since 2017. I got N200000 from them and kept servicing my loan on or before due date till my phone was stolen sometimes in December and I couldn’t access my account again to enable early loan repayment. . Before I got another phone, I have defaulted slightly. Hence, I promise not to default again. They have been a source of serious help to me and i have introduced many people to this scheme. I love paylate.

RandonTvStuff #TheRealFun:

Don’t understand why a person who is self-employed has to fill employer details … and salary. It should be an estimated income query for monthly income to provide more accurate data and the employer query should be removed once self-employed is selected so you don’t find irregularities and then decline legitimate loans.

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What is your experience with paylater? please do well to use the comment system below to share it with our readers.

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