Top 10 PhD Scholarships In China For International Students 2019-2020

Top 10 PhD Scholarships In China For International Students 2019-2020 is another etechfaq editors pick on special scholarship programs for all international students who wishes to study abroad in China.

Chinese government and Non Governmental organizations are sponsoring lots of international students to china for research programs, fellowship and degree programs.

The rapid rise in world power by china is no more news, and Chinese government understands that scholarship program has a great influence to make their country known to the world and the contribution of education is among the criteria to become one of the world power countries.

China rapid development in educational standard has created a conducive educational environment for international students to come an various research courses of their choice in china.

In recent years international students are now pushing study in China because of the way China has developed into one of the best place to study in the world.

China including governmental and non-governmental organizations are now offering scholarships in different course of learning including PhD scholarships in China for international students who wants to study in China.

Top 10 PhD Scholarships In China For International Students

If you are an international student seeking for scholarship in china, you can look at the run down list below to choose which of the scholarship program you are eligible to apply for.

1.) Beijing Government Scholarship in China

Beijing Government Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Scholarships in China, 2019 is in all subjects offered by selected universities powered by Government of China.

The scholarship only covers your tuition fee on any of the course offer by the selected universities and this scholarship program is open to all students who is not from China.

The application deadline date varies, for more info about the Beijing Government bachelors, Masters, and PhD scholarship scheme visit the scholarship web page HERE.


2.) Bayer Science & Education Foundation – Jeff Schell Scholarships

Jeff shell scholarship scheme open to student who desire to take a course in Agricultural science related field.

EUR 20,000 is up for grab and the scholarship deadline is 14 Jul 2019.

For more detail about the bayer science & education foundation scholarship program, please visit the scholarship web page HERE.


3.) PhD Scholarships in China – East China Normal University – Confucius Institute

Full funded scholarship scheme for postgraduate international student to teach Chinese students how to speak other languages. Bachelors and masters students from all parts of the world are welcome to apply.

Deadline: 20 Sep 2019
Scholarship value: Full Funding, Full Tuition fee, accommodation, expenses, medical insurance.

For more details visit the scholarship page HERE


4.) Royal Geographical Society – Geographical Club Awards in UK

£1,000 is up for grab and this scholarship opportunity is open for Masters or PhD degree in the in courses related to Human Geography.

This award is open for: Open to UK or EU nationals.

For more break down details on this scholarship program, click HERE


5.) ACI Foundation Graduate Scholarships

ACI graduate and PhD Scholarships in China powered by ACI foundations is open for Masters or PhD degree programmes in the field of Structural design, construction, materials, or any combination related fields.

ACI foundation graduate scholarship has a Partial Funding, A maximum of $5000 in a year For more detail please visit scholarship page HERE.


6.) ADB-Japan Scholarships

Full Funding, Tuition fee, high Monthly Stipend other expenses ADB-Japan Scholarships is specifically meant to sponsor Masters or PhD degree in fields related to Economics, health, education, management,, agriculture,, natural resource management, environment, science and technology, and development related fields powered by Asian Development Bank (ADB).


7.) Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Studies Scholarships

US$500 to $3,000  is up for grab in the PhD scholarships in China is also open to Masters degree students in the field of Buddhist study and practice.

This scholarship is open to all international student from any nationalities.


8.) Zhejiang Normal University – Outstanding International Student Scholarships in China

The Scholarship for outstanding Students is offered for Bachelors, Masters, PhD in any programs offered by the University.

You can apply to this scholarship through the link that would be made available.

This scholarship is sponsored by Zhejiang Normal University .

The worth of this scholarship is RMB 8,000 to RMB 32,000 annually .

This scholarship is open non-Chinese applicants.


9.) Guangdong University – Excellent New Degree Student PhD Scholarships in China

Excellent new degree student PhD scholarship in china powered by Guangdong university of foreign studies.

Deadline: 30 Jul 2019

The value of this PhD scholarships in China is Only 100% or 50% of tuition fees for first academic year .


10.) Roberta Sykes Scholarships

This scholarship is open to Indigenous students of Australia and $30,000 per year is benefit attached. Deadline: 08 Jul 2019 for break down detail visit the scholarship page HERE.


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