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How To Post On A Reddit Category or Subreddit

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How to post in a particular category or subreddit on Reddit. Reddit is a social news platform created for Americans, web content rating, and discussion Application website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members. (definition was given by Wikipedia). We are not going to talk about Reddit, we will focus on how to make a post on subreddit.

Subreddit can also be called categories, in other words, it can be called a group which is created by default can be created by the Reddit users which is you and i.

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How to post on a Subreddit on Reddit website

Open Reddit website

Go  your desired browser be it Firefox or chrome, type on your The URL of the browser and hit enter, the home or landing page of the Reddit website will open (see picture below),

post on subreddit

Log in or sign up

if you are new member click Sign up if u are existing member click login at the top right corner of the site to log in.

Locate the subreddit

After login, at top of the page, you will see all the subreddit you selected during your registration based on your area of interest. See the red line in the picture below.

post subreddit


Chose subreddit

Select from the subreddit to view post shared by another user of the subreddit

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Check the subreddit rules

Reddit is a well-organized site that does not support miss management of any kind or inappropriate posting. Before you make a new post or comment on an existing post under any subreddit or categories(as I chose to call it), you must read the rules guiding the Reddit before you provide to making your comment or new post or sharing a link.

taking an example, assuming I selected a subreddit called “technology”, scroll down a beat while looking at the right corner of the site, you will where they wrote “rules”. place your cursor on the each of the rules, it will drop down to open the content of the rule. see guide photo below.

Make your post

After reading the rules, you should scroll back to the top, at the right,  look for “SUBMIT A LINK POST” OR “SUBMIT A TEXT POST”(see picture below).

if you want to post a link, say your blog link, or link to a particular news you saw online, you will have to click on “SUBMIT A LINK POST”

If you want to post a comment, question, or your personal thought or message under that category or subreddit, click on SUBMIT TEXT POST”.


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