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6 Powerful 3rd Party Facebook (Private) Video Downloader – 2018

5 Powerful 3rd Party Facebook (Private) Video Downloader – 2018

6 Powerful 3rd Party Facebook (Private) Video Downloader

Facebook is a social media where many activities are being shared on, which video is among. You must have come across a video clip that you enjoyed so much and you wish you can watch it over again. This tutorial is going to show you how to download any video on Facebook, both private and normal video.

facebook has been programmed in a way that is difficult to download video because FB wants you to favorite the video and always come back to see it anytime you wish, there making you addicted and spend more time on facebook which turn makes it one of the most active social media on the web.

Facebook video downloader is made possible through the help of third-party apps or websites, these sites have been programmed to have the ability to extract the video from facebook using the URL of the video click and downloading it into your local disk.

5 Powerful 3rd Party Facebook (Private) Video Downloader

How To Download A Private Facebook Video

The topic of downloading of videos from Facebook is not yet complete until we find a solution to saving videos that its privacies are set to private. Such videos can’t be downloaded by simply copying the URL. See the steps below;

  • To download the private videos, copy the page source of the page the private video is located by pressing CTRL+U or right-clicking on the page and selecting the View Page Source option.
  • When the page source appears, press CTRL+A to highlight the entire page source and then CTRL+C to copy everything.
  • Click Here, When the page opens paste the source code in the box and clicks on Download that’s all.
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How to download Facebook Public Video

Achieving this is not difficult at all, just follow the below steps carefully and your video will be downloaded and saved in your phone gallery or PC.

  • Before downloading any video from Facebook, you have to make sure the video was uploaded to Facebook and not shared from a 3rd party website and also the privacy has to be public. Now the next step is to copy the web link or URL of the video which is located at the top side of your browser where you usually type the website you want to visit.
  • Open a new tab and type in any of the web address below. When this link opens you will see a space to paste the link to the Facebook video, simply paste the link of the address you copied from step 1.



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