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Steps On How To Recover Your Facebook Account | Recover Facebook Hacked Account

We are discussing the topic: Steps On How To Recover Your Facebook Account | Recover Facebook Hacked Account.


Recovering your Facebook account that was hacked is not always an easy task but its also a simple process to embark in. Following the much members of over a billion people, this social media giant has gone from being a friendship zone to a multi billion dollar business, this makes it possible for hackers to hack people’s account for their own personal gains.

Do you have this kind of issue? well there are easy ways to recover back your Facebook account. Although you have to go through some steps to verify you own the account.

How To Get Back Your Facebook Hacked Account

We have arrived at the point of solution, Follow this Facebook Link to report to Facebook your account  has been hacked, that is if you suspect any changes in your account. Here are the options for you to select after you click that link above;

a. I saw a post, message, or event on my account that I didn’t create

b. Someone else got into my account without my permission

c. I found an account which uses my name or photos

d. People can see things on my account that I thought were private

e. I don’t see the right option on this list

After selecting one of those options, you then have to follow the next instructions you see, depending on the option selected from the list. Most times Facebook takes you to pages where you can change your account information, such as your password, email or even phone number you used to register for the account. Hackers usually have access to your Facebook account through your email address.

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How To Recover An Old Facebook Account

Sometimes we abandon our old Facebook accounts which often leads to the account being deactivated since it has been inactive for a long period of time. To activate the account back there are some few process to embark on. First you need to unfriend the old account if its friends with your new account. Here are steps;

a. Use your new profile and visit the old profile page, take a look at the top right side of the profile.

b. Click on the three dots at the and select the Report option.

c. Select Recover or Close this account.

d. Select Recover or close this account, this would lead to logging in with your old account details.

e. Once you login with your login details, a notification alert will be displayed, that the account is no longer active.

f. Facebook will send a mail to the email you used in logging in.

g. Follow the instructions in the email to reactivate your account.


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