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Understanding Reddit- Parts And Functions of Reddit

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we are goinf to discuse the topic:Understanding Reddit- Parts And Functions of Reddit (Reddit parts functions)

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Reddit is a complicated website which is very useful for common user and online marketer. Understanding the Parts And Functions of Reddit is something all the new and some old Reddit users will like to know more about.

Reddit has simply been defined as a social Bookmark news platform created for Americans, web content rating, and discussion Application website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.

On this post with the topic “Understanding Reddit”, we are going to discuss the Reddit interface, parts, and functions of Reddit, before then, we will like you to CLICK HERE and follow us on Reddit right now.

Parts And Functions of Reddit

Index or Home Page: When you open, the first page the site will open for is called the index page or homepage.


If you look little below the URL box of your browser, you will see a bar that bears the name MY SUBREDDITS, along the bar you will see a list of subreddits” written there.  Because you have not yet registered or joined reddit, the My subreddit will show you list of random subreddits. but if you are a registered member and have joined some subreddit, the subreddits will appear at that MY SUBREDDIT bar.


Below MY SUBREDDIT You will see the menu bar, where we have the Reddit Symbol which serves as the home button, followed by a horizontal list of headings which you toggle to view it. (HOT, NEWS, RISING, CONTROVERSIAL, TOP, GILDED, WIKI).

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when looking at the right side of the Reddit site, you will see where you log in to the site if you are existing user or join and become a redditor.


The major thing about Reddit is to submission of a post, below the login section you will see a big button written “SUBMIT NEW LINK” and “SUBMIT NEW TEXT POST”. Whichever one you want to do, depending on the type of post you want to share. If your post has a link, you will select SUBMIT NEW LINK, if you post is just normal text without a link, you select SUBMIT NEW TEXT POST.(You can read how to submit post under a particular reddit)


Scroll down to the bottom of the Reddit website, you will see a very vital menu which contains the “ABOUT, HELP, APPS & TOOLS, <3”.

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These are the basic parts and functions of Reddit found at the home page of the site, on our subsequent post, we will be discussing each part to see how we can get the best out of Reddit.


We hope you find the topic “Understanding Reddit- Parts And Functions of Reddit” useful.

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