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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery problems | unable to recharge completely flat battery | Cause and solution

Samsung Galaxy note 8 battery

Samsung Galaxy note 8 battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery problems seem to have surfaced, Many Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users accross the globe are reportedly unable to recharge the completely flat battery and the company has acknowledged it and they have released a statement to address the issue.

The issue of a battery not being able to recharge or power a phone is a report common to other Android smartphones but the recent report which Samsung company see as minor seem to have extended the problem to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Reports of the issue initially surfaced in late December, however, the smartphone had just been on sale in stores for very nearly a full quarter by then. In other words, considering that Samsung is more likely to have sold a large number of units in the three months prompting to Christmas, we’d have caught wind of this much soon on the off chance that it was a critical battery issue. What’s more, that goes twofold for the Galaxy Note 8, given the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

According to comments received by Android Authority, this issue also extends to the Galaxy S8 in a small number of cases but hasn’t been widely reported.

“Samsung is taking all reports of this kind seriously, we only received a very small number of customer inquiries that could be linked to charging management, and unfortunately we can only comment on the matter further,” Samsung said, according to a report by German-language site PCWelt.

Unable to recharge completely flat battery | What is the cause

We have moved from the era of Samsung phone blowing up and catching to not being able to regain power after the battery went down completely, this seems to be a fair case and the solution is just nearby.

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The actual cause of the Samsung galaxy note 8 battery not being able to recharge once its complete flat has not been ascertained but it can be related to that of other Android phones which has similar battery issues and will be looked at in such direction.

The present Galaxy Note 8 battery issue is really one endured by different cell phones and tablets, in that a little measure of battery power is required by the smartphone itself to permit its power management system to work. In the event that there isn’t sufficient accessible charge to control the phone to a point where it is fit to manage the incoming power from a cable, the phone essentially shut down

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Solution or How to fix it

Samsung advises clients whose phone is affected by the issue or with inquiries concerning their Note 8 to contact the company specifically. Samsung forum discussion posts show a few clients are getting replacement gadgets under guarantee, with organization delegates additionally gathering data about the problematic handsets.

if you’re a Galaxy Note 8 user, you should make sure your data is backed up regularly. There’s no way of knowing whether your phone suffers from the same condition unless you completely drain the battery. So your best option is to always recharge your phone before it’s completely drained.

users not willing to give up their device may be able to resurrect it by “Stack Charging,” as advised on the Android Central forums. The lengthy process involves plugging the charging cable into the device for a few seconds before the charging control process starts running, then pulling the cable out and repeating, adding charge incrementally over the course of 20 minutes or longer.

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Another alternative way is by “Boosting the Battery” a way by which currently is forcefully supplied to the battery using an external current booster. this process might require loosing the screws on the phone to access the battery. Note This measure can or will render your warranty useless.

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