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How to Set up Facebook login approvals | Two-way authentication Facebook

How to Set up Facebook login approvals

We are discussing the topic: How to Set up Facebook login approvals | Two-way authentication Facebook


Facebook has become a backup database for most of our valuable information. There people out there whose won’t stop at anything to take advantage of your ignorance and steal your information and use them against you.

It is necessary we often change our password anytime we notice any malicious activities on our FB account.

A few years back, the password alone was good enough to protect one from the malicious activities of these bad guys on the social media.

Recently knowledge has increased, and cracking password has become so easy that it can be hacked with eyes closed.

To protect yourself from this unforeseen circumstance, Facebook has upgraded their security having its users in mind, the new Facebook login approvals help you to set up your account in a way that, it prompts you to approve its login.

Using this approval authentication strategy, facebook while notifying your of any attempt to login to your Facebook account with an email or mobile notification, if the login is from you, you will have to approve the login from your mobile phone by inputting the OTP (One-time password) code. Ist this great?

How to Set up Facebook login approvals

To take your Facebook security a step further, enable Login Approvals. By doing so, you’ll receive a request anytime your account is logged into from an unknown Web browser.

1. Go to your Facebook Account Settings and select Security.

2. On your mobile Check the box next to Login Approvals.

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How to Set up Facebook login approvals

3. On desktop click on Security and Login

4. scroll down to Get alerts about unrecognized logins, click on edit and locate Add another email address or mobile number click on it and add a phone number. (Phone Number which you want to an alert to be sent)

5. You will be prompted to enter an approval code sent to that number. Enter the code in the appropriate dialogue box and press Continue.

Any attempt to log into your account will be locked out and will be asked to insert  a login code

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