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Stash App About | Benefits Of Stash Invest App

Stash app review

Stash App About

What is stash app

Stash App or stash invest is simply an investment app that allows users to make savings and invest with a minimal amount as low as $5.

Stash is a personal finance and investment app that helps you save money and invest in select individual stocks and curated funds (ETFs), starting with just $5.

Stash Invest Download

About stash app

Stash Invest is one of the emerging apps that teaches you how to save, invest with the amount as low as $5 with Zero opening fee. It has one prepare for his retirement but automatical removing a set amount from your balance and saving it for you.

Users who are newbies to investment are provided with a personal coach who does personalized savings and investment advice.

It’s not just an investment app, its also an Educational app, stash app provides Financial education, guidance, and curated investment news.

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Benefits of stash app

Benefits of stash app

Stash app subscription benefits include:

* Coach – Personalized savings and investment advice
* Learn – Financial education, guidance, and curated investment news
* Auto-Stash – Save and invest automatically

* Personal investment accounts
* Retirement accounts with Roth and Traditional IRAs
* Custodial accounts to invest for and with your children


Cost of stash app

Stash app does not cost you money, it’s free, you can download from Google play store (for Andriod user) and Apple store (for iPhone users).

After installation, stash app allows you to make an investment of a minimum of $5 and u will receive a first-time deposit bonus of $5, wow isn’t that so generous?.

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Can you make money with stash app

YES! you can make money with stash app

How do I make money with Stash app

Stash app provides you with a financial advisor and investment coach, they tend to break down investment strategies and provide with stocks in the field which you are interested in, you can invest and watch your small money grow.

Does stash app charge

Stash does not charge you for any deposit or withdrawal you make with the app, Each account has one simple advisory fee. Invest and Custodial accounts cost $1 per month for balances under $5k. Retire accounts cost $2 per month for balances under $5k. All accounts with balances of $5k or more only cost 0.25% per year (just $12.50 per year for a balance of $5k). We NEVER charge for deposits or withdrawals, and there are no add-on trading commissions.

Banking services provided by Green Dot Bank and Stash Visa Debit card issued by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

Can I withdraw money from stash app

Yes, you can withdraw money from the stash app.

Stash App Login

Go to google play store or Itunes, search the keyword Stash Invest, download the app, install and lunch it. Join the happy customers by Registering and login to start learning, saving, investing and watching your money grow.

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Stash app review

Stash App Customers review:

Lyss Torres:


Yeah!!!! Yes, you must have this app!!

Whether your a beginner like me or a pro this app will Surely make you money!!! It is not for short sellers sorry. You start with $5 and they even give you $5 just for signing up!! The education they provide is amazing and so is the customer service. They have all the updated news on the stock market!! Their customer service is never rude and they don’t talk to you like your stupid! They are extremely friendly and do everything they can to help with your issue:):):):) if you want bigger returns in a short amount of time go with the aggressive profile when signing up!! If you want something in a phew years with little money down then go the conservative route. You would have to be crazy not to invest right now and for us, little guys who don’t make much this is a way to put a phew dollars away for the big payout in the future. America is stronger and growing so jump on the train and invest while you can;) I myself have only been investing for a month now and I’m $300 into my investment and I’m starting to see some real growth no bull!!! Warning this is not a get rich kinda app this is really buying and investing in the stock market. In reality, if you want to see real returns I suggest starting small with a phew low-cost stocks like $30 or $40 a stock price worth and buy a couple of those full stocks at $30-$40 each. And then just sit back and watch them grow😉. I give STASH ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. You will to I promise!!!

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