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Apple iPhone declining fast

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Apple’s iPhone Now Declining Fast

Apple is facing a lot in their market recently. Their revenue has now declined for another quarter following the company’s recent earnings. The reasons for this is not far from being a slow market in China and the world at large. What could be the reason for this? iPhone models released few years ago still […]

iPhone 11 XI

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iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Features

iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI) is expected to be released by Apple by the fall of 2019. The mobile giant company haven’t dropped any official announcement concerning this development. Though there are already rumours with pictures of how the phone is expected to be. If you’re an iPhone and user then you don’t need to […]

Xfinity xfi App

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Xfinity xfi App Review,Features, Download Android And IOS Xfi App

Xfinity xfi app review On this post, we are going to give a rundown of what Xfinity xfi is all about, answer a few frequently asked questions about it, some of the questions which include: Basic features of Xfinity Xfi What is Xfinity Xfi Where to download Xfinity xfi Why do u need Xfinity xfi How to activate […]

iPhone XR

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What You Don’t Know About the iPhone XR

What are the iPhone XR features and specifications? Like every other device or smartphone, iPhone XR has its positive and negative phone specifications but what you should consider before buying it is to look out for the one that meets your specific need for purchasing a phone.   iPhone XS and XS Max came out just […]

What to do when your phone has been hacked

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What to do when your phone has been hacked | how to remove malware from your device

We are discussing the topic: What to do when your phone has been hacked , how to remove malware from your device Malware is any kind of software surreptitiously installed on your desktop or laptop that is designed to negatively impact your machine. Did you know that any time you notice any irregular activities in […]

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