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30 Things You Probably Don’t Know How to Do on Facebook

30 Things You Probably Don't Know How to Do on Facebook

itechflake is discussing very long topic titled: 30 Things You Probably Don’t Know How to Do on Facebook

30 Things You Probably Don't Know How to Do on Facebook

iTechflake is one of the leading sites that are here to assist you with site reviews and some other technical advice. If your have boon following our daily post, you will notice that we have said lots about Facebook, this is because Facebook is one of the most frequently used websites in the world.

We have thought a lot of tutorials on Facebook and those are thing what we want to summarise in this post. If you wish to get the best out of this post we advise you to click Ctrl D on your keyboard right now and bookmark this post for future references. Before you move to the topic proper, we like to read  20 Useful Facebook Application You Don’t Know

Things You Probably Don’t Know How to Do on Facebook

1.) How To Turn OFF and ON Facebook Face Recognition: Facebook face recognition is one of the new features Facebook technology introduced to his website unique and user-friendly. Facebook recognition major purpose is to be used to identify who is using your pictures without permission, automatically identify friends on picture and videos for easy tagging. Read more about Facebook face recognition and see how to turn it off and on here.

2.) How To Stop Spam Messages On Your Facebook Group: Spam messages can be so annoying, you have managed to create and grow the audience of your website or company Facebook group, with the motion that people can gather to share their thoughts on your products or related stuff close to what the group is about. Spam messages are those messages which are not meaningful to you or your group. Spammers are plenty on facebook, in fact, most spammers on Facebook are people that own blogs. Read more and see how to stop spam messages on your group Here.

3.) How To Silence Facebook Group and Comment Notification: I don’t know how you feel when you get deluge notifications from someone, just because you commented on his post, as for me, I feel like burning up.To stop all these types of disturbance click here.

4.) How to Set up Facebook login approvals: Facebook has become a backup database for most of our valuable information. There people out there whose won’t stop at anything to take advantage of your ignorance and steal your information and use them against you. It is necessary we often change our password anytime we notice any malicious activities on our FB account. A few years back, the password alone was good enough to protect one from the malicious activities of these bad guys on the social media.Recently knowledge has increased, and cracking password has become so easy that it can be hacked with eyes closed. To protect yourself from this unforeseen circumstance, click to see how you can set up your Facebook login approve.  a two-way authentication process that can secure your account.

5.) Control what people post on your Facebook Timeline: At some point, you may be fed up with the rubbish your friends post on the wall, and you are just this type who cannot confront the friend to stop bugging your timeline with his/her post. There are simple steps to follow and handle this situation amicably and both parties will not be offended. Click HERE to read the steps.

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6.) How To Link Whatsapp To Facebook: You might ask what are the steps on how to link Whatsapp to Facebook? well everyone knows that Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps in the world with over 1 billion downloads in Google play store. Here’s the good news, Facebook has really done a good work by introducing a new privacy policy of making it possible to link Facebook accounts to WhatsApp accounts in an easy way. Click HERE to follow the steps.

7.) Steps on How to Control who see your post/ status: since the introduction of social media, we the internet users are leaving two life, (your real life and the flaunt life). Life in social media is completely different from the normal life we are leaving right now. No matter how honest you want to be on social media, what you are sharing on social media is the life you want the social friends to identify you with. Social media life is a created life which you can delete at any time. To see how u can control who views your post on FB click HERE.

8.) How to Download Photo from Facebook: Downloading a picture from facebook is different from just saving a photograph. when you save a Picture from Facebook, the quality of the picture will drop. But when a picture will is a download from Facebook, it retains its original quality. this makes it better to download the photograph to saving it. Click here to see how to download photos from Facebook now.

9.) How To Download your Facebook information or Data: Have you ever wondered what happened to all those posts you’re posting on facebook many years ago? Facebook has your back. It will amaze you to know that Facebook has been keeping those data for you because they know you will want to see them sometime in the feature. You’ve posted a ton of pictures, notes, messages, and status updates on your Facebook account over the years. So what if you wanted to download that same information to your desktop? Follow the following steps HERE to learn how to go about it.

10.) How to link Facebook to Twitter: If you are conversant with facebook and prefer to make most of your post on Facebook and at the same time, wants your followers on Twitter to read the same post, thereby using one stone to kill one bed, this post how to post on twitter from facebook will teach all the processes of how to go about it HERE.

11.) How to Post to Facebook from Twitter: This can serve as an alternative way to share your blog post on social facebook and twitter at the same time.Facebook and Twitter have been the two social media giants, they both have been competing with each other for years now, but on this one, both tend to agree to share post among each other by the connecting facebook with twitter. Read more details HERE.

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12.) How To Disconnect Apps From Your Facebook Account: Facebook has been made the simplest way to login to some other websites and app. When you are login using your facebook, Facebook shares your information with the site by prompting you to give it permission to do so, after which, the site connects with Facebook to share data like, your Name, location photos etc. See the full steps HERE.

13.) How To Turn off Annoying Off Facebook Game Notifications, Android & iPhone: Getting notifications on our mobile phones from bored Facebook friends asking us to join them to play some time wasting games like pirate kinds and candy crush. To see the picture steps of how to end such notifications HERE.

14.) How to Control Who Sees The Apps You Use On Facebook: Online security and privacy is something of importance to me, FB is an app that is doing really great to impress its users. for doing so, they tend to incorporate all the features they see on another app to Facebook, so as to make the users find all the pleasure in one place. To learn how to hide your app, click HERE.

15.) How To Create a Facebook Store: We will begin with the explanation of Facebook store, it’s simply the marketing of your products, here you don’t get to own a physical store but having a store on Facebook. It works through the Facebook page which is dedicated to a store and not your random pages that you own. Read more details HERE.

16.) How To Change Or Reset Your Facebook Password: Facebook Password is of utmost importance in everything we do concerning our account, it gives us privacy and also secures our account from hackers. Most times things that have advantages also have disadvantages, there are issues we usually face when it comes to our Facebook accounts. Read the step HERE.

17.) Steps On How To Recover Your Facebook Account: Recovering your Facebook account that was hacked is not always an easy task but its also a simple process to embark on. Following the much members of over a billion people, this social media giant has gone from being a friendship zone to a multi-billion dollar business, this makes it possible for hackers to hack people’s account for their own personal gains. Read the guideline HERE.

18.) How To Save Videos In Facebook: There are videos that we do come across on Facebook, which we are interested in and we want to keep them maybe to watch them again later or to show a friend, whatever may be the reason, we are here to show you how to save videos on Facebook. Most of us have difficulties trying to achieve this, although saving videos may be a bit easier than locating where the videos are saved. Full detail HERE.

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19.) Steps On How To Block Someone On Facebook: From time to time we always want to have our privacy and today am here to let you know how to block someone on Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media website and we are to expect so many kinds of people in there, especially those that spam you with different irrelevant messages. Read full details HERE.

20.) How to date on Facebook, Dating On Facebook: Dating is part of life and it makes life interesting in it’s on way, this time around we are talking about Facebook dating. Dating on a social media website that already got more than 1 billion registered members makes it the best people to get the best date. Though we already have dating websites that have been around for more than a decade, they don’t have as much registered members as Facebook. Read more details here.

21.) Make Money From Facebook: Facebook jobs sounds so funny because it’s just for making friends and reading some updates from interesting pages such as news, jokes, facts and so on. Well, i thought it was impossible too to make money from Facebook but after a deep consideration of how much the social media giant makes, I now had the belief its possible and you too can achieve that. Read full details HERE.

22.) How to Contact Facebook Customer Service: We all experience some problems while we access the Facebook website and need help to solve the issue, which raises the alarm to seek help. Facebook contact is very important in your journey with this great social media giant. Concerning Facebook’s standard, they sure have their help center or we can call it customer service to help you with your problems. Many find it difficult to find a way to contact them hence I decided to help you with the easiest way to achieve this. Let’s get started HERE.


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