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20 Useful Facebook Application You Don’t Know

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20 Useful Facebook Application You Don't Know

Facebook has grown from just a social networking site to a world second life community. Mark and his teams are really doing a great job to making sure Facebook remains the number social media site on the internet.

Over the years, to better the Facebook user interface and functionality, facebook and facebook the third party has not been asleep. tons of mobile and desktop application is been release to better our Facebook experience.

On this post, we are going give you a list of application you can download base on your interest, which you can use the beta your browsing experience on Facebook.

Useful Facebook Application You Don’t Know

1.) Facebook Message kid: Number one on this list is Facebook messenger kid. Messenger Kids is a free video calling and messaging app designed for kids under the age 13, to connect with close friends and family from their tablet or smartphone.  The parents create a profile for the kid with a picture of the kid as its profile pic. Parents accept a few number of friends and relations for the tender one.Read more details and download facebook messenger kid here.

2.) Facebook Private Videos Downloader: Facebook video downloader is very important for Facebook users. Why is it so important? because if you use Facebook regularly you will come across some interesting videos you may want to watch again and that’s when you will start thinking of downloading it in your phone or PC. Please downloading videos from Facebook is different from saving videos on Facebook. You can download and read more on the facebook video downloader here.

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3.)Facebook Events App: The Facebook local app is a nice app but its different from the main Facebook app. The main purpose of this app is to show information about local businesses and reviews from Facebook users. What do we mean by show information about local businesses? it means this app is great for showing people the destination of where they are going, a fi=or example where they can eat and so on. Read more and download the facebook local event app here.

4.) Facebook Pages Manager App: Facebook pages manager app is a nice app which enables you to manages all your pages with ease without having to be clicking from one page to another searching for any of your pages to update. The sole aim of the app is to make page admins manage all their pages in one place. Learn how to use and download facebook pages manager app here.

5.) Facebook Ads Manager Account: When you run an ad on Facebook you need to know how to set up your Facebook ads manager account to enable you to monitor how it’s performing. The question is what is a Facebook ad manager? It’s a tool that is used to create and manage your ads. Read more and download the ad manager app here.

6.) Facebook Gameroom: When we talk about games on Facebook we remember Facebook Gameroom. Its all about a community made up of a population of people from different locations whose interests and discussions are all about; Sharing Games, Playing Games and Watching Games.

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There’s something spectacular about this, it is designed as an app you can download and also notifies the users about latest updates in Games. Read more detail and download the app here.

7.) Facebook Video Uploader: Facebook Video Uploader gives one of the best experiences to its users. It’s an application that makes it easy for its users to upload videos to their Facebook page. We all know Youtube as the key place people go to watch videos and also upload and share theirs, this time around its now very possible in Facebook. Read more details and download the facebook video uploader app here.

8.)Facebook Lite And Messenger: Facebook is one of the most popular social media website in the world today. Though it can be accessed through your browser we are here to discuss the importance of the app and its uses, don’t get confused, Facebook app is of great importance because it makes navigation through the website much easier. The write-up here is more focused on the mobile section because it’s for mobile phones only. Read more details and download facebook lite here.

This post will be updated as soon as we discover and review new Facebook apps. Thank you for coming around, we have other interesting topics which u will love to read, if you still have a spare time, u can continue reading them or bookmark for more new interesting technology and site reviews post.


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