There are a lot of low-priced Android smartphones on the market that can be pretty good. With Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Vivo you have a wide variety of choices in different price categories.
But what is VIVO? VIVO is a Chinese brand that offers smartphones for as low as $3o on some markets in China. The company entered the US and European market not long ago and is quickly expanding its portfolio with new budget models.
Is it worth considering over other options? Is there anything to worry about with a VIVO smartphone? Let’s find out!


What is VIVO?

VIVO’s other name is STK (Silicon Tech Corporation). It was founded in Shanghai in 2005 and offers quality phones at an affordable price compared to other brands.

VIVO is a Taiwanese company which specializes in designing and producing cellphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics.
Vivo cell phone have a variety of features including but not limited to: A 3000mAh Non-Removable Battery – Supports Fast Charging 7.5W Included (18W Quick Charge 3.0), Dual Rear Camera 12MP+5MP AI HDR Beautify
The Good:

  • Saves Battery: With 3000 mah battery capacity, the phone can be used for up to two days on one charge.
  • Great Display: With WQHD+ 6.59 inch screen with 18:9 ratio display both video and games are easy to watch or play even with the smallest hand size available. The quality of the display is better than most of the other phones such as Iphone X and samsung 8 with IOS 11 rating

With the launch of the VIVO phone and its upcoming release, there can be no doubt that the value of imitation is as high as the market is for it. The chances for a success may be short of a Rolodex, but the mere idea of copying something else means that an individual has acknowledged their own lack. This article will introduce you to the VIVO launch and offer a view from both sides.

What Is The Phone?

VIVO is a new mobile phone line introduced by OPPO, one of China’s largest manufacturers of smartphones. OPPO declined to provide certain specifications for the device prior to its November 5th launch date in Kuala Lumpur, but it did say it would be launching “a new series in partnership with a renown international designer” who will “personally select and approve components and designs

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