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What to do when your account has been hacked

What to do when your account has been hacked

We are discussing the topic: What to do when your account has been hacked

What to do when your account has been hacked

Recovering your social media account that has been hacked is not always an easy task but its also a simple process to embark on, read our last topic on how to recover your facebook hacked account.

based on our previous topics, we assumed you must have learned how to deal with your hacked devices like phone and Computer.

Another thing hacker is interested in is your social media accounts, call it facebook, twitter,  LinkedIn and so on. Whatever selfish reason the hackers want to take over the control of your account, we are going to teach how to combat them in this post.

Freinds or associates have been calling your attention to getting interesting messages, tweets, Facebook messages or LinkedIn Inmail from you. The thing is, past the intermittent alcoholic message your shoot after excessively numerous party time margaritas, you don’t remember sending any messages whatsoever.

Somehow, consciously or subconsciously you have must have fallen victim of the hackers decisive emails targeted to steal your login details. Don’t worry, we will help get your account back.

What to do when your Social Media account has been hacked

Firstly, if you still have access to your account, thank God it could be one of your friends learning to hack, or some sort of hacker who just want to stain you, in front of your friends. Whichever way, you can deal with it right now.

Log in and reset your password to something entirely different. Don’t just change a letter or number at the end. see how to change your facebook password here.

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Now that you’re in your account, check out your recently sent messages, delete the ones that look strange, and then let your contacts know that your account was taken over and not to open any links that you may have sent them in the last few days. You’ll also want to check out things like your YouTube account to see if someone posted videos under your name.

Secondly, if you cannot gain access to your account, that’s a different issue, try using the recover password provided by the site, from you will have to confirm if you are the real owner of the account, by providing the basic information which you used when you opened the account.

If you are lucky, and the hacker is not smart enough, you can be asked to provide the alternative email or phone number used, during account opining. that is where the site will email to us a recovery code or link to claim your account back.

In case all these procedures did not work, we sorry, at this point, your account is completely gone.


Most sites like facebook, provide two-way authentication, this a way to securing your account from hackers. pls, take this measure to protect all your account.While opening your account, ensure that you provide alternative email and phone number to the account.


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