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What To Do When Your Laptop Computer Has Been Hacked

What To Do When Your Laptop Computer Has Been Hacked

We are discussing the topic: What To Do When Your Laptop Computer Has Been Hacked

What To Do When Your Laptop Computer Has Been Hacked

Purchasing a device, be it Computer or smartphone, is a good and exciting thing. See your device misbehaving or malfunctioning is something that makes us feel bad.

Recently I purchased an android phone, I don’t how virus manages to attack the device, the phone which I was excited about, turn to be a turn in my flesh.

This is what a security bridge occurs in any of our devices. where there are good people, criminals must be present. If a building guaranteed to be fireproof was completely raised down by fire caused by the bad guys, it is now obvious to us the nothing is completely secured.

Just because your computer, smartphone or any form of your device has been compromised, doesn’t mean you should use baseball barton on it.

On this post, we are going to give you simple steps or processes which you can follow to have your device function well once again after it has been hacked or contaminated with virus or malware.

What to do when your device has been hacked

Information is the power they said. Malware are designed in a way to steal personal information you save on your pc or smartphone. Most of the hackers send this malicious code to your device to malfunction its activities and make it send to them all the information from your computer.

Another type of malware is programmed to extort money from you.

What to do when your computer is hacked

The internet has been a helpful innovation which has turned out to hurt us as well. most the malicious attack our computers surfer are gotten from browsing the web. Once you notice any symptoms of signs of virus infection on your system,

  1. The first thing you should do is to detach your system from the internet connection.
  2. run virus and malware scans on your computer.
  3. ¬†if you don’t have an anti-virus readily installed, or the one you have is outdated, connect the system back to the internet and download a good antivirus or update the old one on your system.
  4. Unplug the computer from the internet and then run the scan.
  5. when the scan is completed, delete the detected virus or treat them as instructed by the antivirus you are using.
  6.  Connect back your system to the internet once again and re-run the scan to make sure the computer is completely free.
  7. If you have taken the steps above and you notice the malware is still disturbing your computer, you will have to use the last option which may require that you will lose all the file stored in your pc. “Format” or reload the windows.
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Note: After cleaning your computer from the malicious attack, mind the websites you visit and the applications you install on your pc. Don’t store valuable information on the computer which you often use to connect to the internet. A hacker can only attack a system which is on the same network with it. For this reason, documents which can be used to blackmail you, should be kept off the computer which you often use to surf the net.


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