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What to do when your phone has been hacked | how to remove malware from your device

What to do when your phone has been hacked

We are discussing the topic: What to do when your phone has been hacked , how to remove malware from your device

What to do when your phone has been hacked

Malware is any kind of software surreptitiously installed on your desktop or laptop that is designed to negatively impact your machine.

Did you know that any time you notice any irregular activities in your smartphone, it simply means that your device has been hacked?

Any time your phone is hacked, the phone is either sending information to the hacker, damaging your files, or the hacker is directly or indirectly trying to extort money from you.

Paying a hacker to unlock or let go of your phone, is the easiest way to support him to do evil. By paying him, you are indirectly helping him to raise some fund that will aid acquire more tool to hack more device in future.

Like the United States will say “we don’t negotiate with terrorist”, and that exactly what we going teach you on this topic”What to do when your phone has been hacked“. But before we move to the topic properly, we advise you also read our previous post which was titled What To Do When Your Laptop Computer Has Been Hacked 

Which Phone do hackers attack

Smartphone hacking is basically targeting to phones which can install unauthorized apps, this makes android volatile for hacking and virus attacks.

Most people preferred iPhones or iPad to Android smartphones, the reason being that iPhone cannot be hacked. This true because an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, does not allow malware since Apple (AAPL) doesn’t allow users to install unapproved software on their machines.

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But Android phone allows you to own your device completely, You paid for it, you have the right to do what so ever you wish with your smartphone which includes installing any form of preferred apps.

For the reason above, Android is easily attacked by a hacker. and It’s also an easy way for users to install malware on the device.

What to do when your phone has been hacked


Firstly to prevent your phone from being hacked or installing malware pls do not install any application that is not Authorized by android.

2. install only apps which have been tested and tagged malware free.

3. All of the major antivirus manufacturers offer some form of smartphone antivirus software. install and run an antivirus app on your phone. Most of the antivirus fro smartphone allows you to scan your phone for free, but to remove any malware detected, you have to pay a few bucks for it. And there are many extra features you get when you subscribe to monthly services, so if you love to install any software you come across, you will need to queue for the monthly subscriptions.

4. There is some type of malware that can be too stubborn to remove by just scanning your phone(eg.Ransomware is a form of malware that locks down your device, encrypting its contents until you fork over cash to the malware maker for the keys to unlock the encryption and free your files. Most of the time these criminals require payment in the form of cryptocurrency or even iTunes gift cards. ). The simple solution to this is to format your device, surely you face the risk of losing all the data on phone.

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Note: For the solution above which sounds so extreme, if you are saving your important documents on your phone, I advise you to avoid engaging your self from installing unauthorized apps on your device to avoid installing this devastating malware.

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