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Xfinity xfi App Review,Features, Download Android And IOS Xfi App

Xfinity xfi App

Xfinity xfi App

Xfinity xfi app review

On this post, we are going to give a rundown of what Xfinity xfi is all about, answer a few frequently asked questions about it, some of the questions which include:

  • Basic features of Xfinity Xfi
  • What is Xfinity Xfi
  • Where to download Xfinity xfi
  • Why do u need Xfinity xfi
  • How to activate Xfinity xfi app on any device

xFi Features

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What is Xfinity xfi

Xfinity xfi according to Xfinity review is a computerized dashboard to deal with your home WiFi network and connected house. You can install it by yourself and set up your WiFi environment as fast as possible, discover your WiFi password, know who’s on the web, troubleshoot issues and manage relatives’ online encounters with features like Pause and Parental Controls.

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Where to download Xfinity xfi app

Xfinity xfi is managed using through Xfinity CFI mobile app or on the Xi TV,  To gain access to the login and manage your wifi, You will need to download the app on Apple Store for IOS users and Google play store for Android users. Or you can also download the app through the Xfinity official site.

Why do u need Xfinity xfi

With Xfinity xfi network you can watch all your channels on any device at home. Enjoy top networks and live sports on the go. Access thousands of On Demand movies and shows. And stream or download your DVR recordings to watch even if you’re offline at a cheap monthly subscription rate of 10$.

How to activate Xfinity xfi app on any device

The most ideal approach to utilize xFi to deal with your home WiFi network is through a mobile application. You can likewise get to xFi on the web or straightforwardly from your TV with X1. For more clarification on the activation process, click HERE.

Mobile App

Download the free Xfinity xFi app (Apple App Store or Google Play) and sign in as a primary or unrestricted secondary user to access xFi. Learn about the xFi mobile app.

Supported versions includes:

  • iOS 10 or later
  • Android 5.0 or later

xfinity xfi app for iPad

To download the Xfinity xFi app on an iPad, You will need to do a little tweak. Navigate to the App Store search settings in the upper left-hand corner of the App Store. Change the setting from iPad only to iPhone only, then search for “Xfinity xFi”. Download and install the app, after which you are good to go.

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Xfinity xfi can be accessed through online by Visit and sign in with your Xfinity username and password. You must be the primary or unrestricted secondary user to access xFi. Learn about the xFi web experience.


View your xFi dashboard and WiFi information on Xfinity X1 by pressing the microphone button on your X1 Voice Remote and saying, “Go to xFi,” or “What’s my WiFi password?”

Alternately, you can also press the Xfinity button on your remote control and select the Apps icon. Next, scroll down to the Xfinity row and select the Xfinity xFi app (if you have Parental Controls enabled for this app, you will be prompted to enter your PIN). Learn about xFi on X1.


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