Apps How To Money Site Reviews Tech News Complete Review | What is good and bad with Zoranga Complete Review | What is good and bad with Zoranga Complete Review | What is good and bad with Zoranga Complete Review | What is good and bad with Zoranga is a web-based application that provides solutions to our online payments since the year 2014. They pride themselves on a service which allows you to convert the excess credit loaded or recharged in your phone line to cash and send straight to your local bank account in few seconds.


Zoranga complete review

On this post, we are going to take a closer look at the site to figure out what is good and bad with zoranga. Why we should trust and save money with Zoranga.

How to Sign up, Register or Join Zoranga

Your join or register on zoranga for free, read more details and steps om how to join Here

How to deposit money to zoranga and convert it to cash


This is the highest selling point of zoranga website. If you have mistakenly recharged excess credit to your sim card from your bank account and you want to have the money back in your bank account, zoranga has provided a solution for. Go to and transfer the credit to them and they will credit your local bank account immediately. For more detail on how to convert your credit into cash click here.

How to buy airtime using zoranga

How to buy airtime using zoranga

Buying airtime using an application may sound awkward since all the local banks have provided a USSD code that allows you to make such simple transaction very quick and efficient.

Zoranga let you buy airtime using the cash on your zoranga wallet. With this feature you can decide to set a budget of how much you want to spend on calls on a monthly bases and zoranga helps to keep in that budget.

To purchase airtime on zoranga, you will have to create a pin which you will guide jealously. The 4 digit pin is will be asked of you confirm that you are the one authorizing the transaction.

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To purchase airtime now click here

How to create a pin

How to create pin

To create a pin on zoranga, one click on buy airtime, if you have not created a pin, the site will prompt you to create pin before continuing the transactions. Or you can scroll to the bottom of your account page, you will change pin, click on it and it will open a dialogue that helps you to create your pin.

To create a pin, you will have to choose 4 digit pin (just like that of your ATM pin) and confirm the transaction by putting your password.

To create your pin now click here

How to withdraw money fromĀ  zoranga account

Another feature of the zoranga site is the one that interests us most, how do we move our money from the third party app to our local account.

Zoranga has provided several ways in which you can use to withdraw money from your account or wallet. On the site, they call itĀ  “Transfer“.

Zoranga gives you the ability to transfer your money to the bank very easy and fast and they charge you nothing for doing so. To carry out this transaction click here.

You can also send money to another person’s bank account, click HERE to do so.

Other ways to send money:

  • Withdraw money from your account through Ego. You can cash out the Ego from an agent near you or you can use it to make online payments.Payout Ego from Zoranga
  • You can send money to anyone with a mobile phone number, whether they have an account or not. You can move your checkbook from the drawer to the trash can now. Transferring money to any mobile number is free.Send to a Zoranga customerSend money to another mobile numb
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What is Ego on Zoranga

Ego is simply a name Zoranga choose to give the act of sending money to an agent in exchange for cash or you can use it to make a purchase online.

What is S-wallet

  • S-wallet is a savings plan introduced by Zoranga that lets customers save money through their Zoranga account until the given maturity date.The tenure of an S-Wallet account can vary from 1, 3 or 6 months to a year and can be as high as 3 years. It’s classified as a fixed deposit account.

On the date of maturity, you can withdraw your total deposit and your earned interest to your Zoranga account.

Money in your Zoranga account can be sent directly to your bank account or can be cleared from an agent nearest to you.

Features of S-wallet

  • You can close your S- wallet account before the maturity period. This is called premature withdrawal. Zoranga charges a penalty fee and will not pay any earned interest.
  • Create your S-wallet account from your Zoranga account and you can transfer money from your Zoranga account to your S- wallet account. It’s very simple.Setup your S-wallet account

How to receive money from your customers using Airtime

This is the most interesting part zoranga that made me say Weldon to the founders.

Apart from converting airtime to cash, Zoranga also allows you to receive money from your customers in form of airtime, you can have the API setup on your website and seamlessly get paid.


Is That all zoranga can offer? nope

Refers or invite a friend to join zoranga and get paid

Send an invitation

  • You can invite your friends from your Zoranga account. Enter your friend’s mobile number and Zoranga will invite them to signup. Once they signup and deposit money, you’ll earn your bonus.Send an invitation now
  • The fastest way to invite your friends is to send them money using Zoranga. We’ll deliver your money plus an invitation.Send them money now
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Ways to promote Zoranga:

  • Your friends on Facebook can become your friends on Zoranga. Send them invitations to join and we will track your performance and reward your efforts.Talk about it on Facebook
  • Tweeting about zoranga to your followers is a unique way to refer them. Tweet about your experience and we will reward your advocacy.Start tweeting now

What is good and bad with Zoranga

Zoranga has made online transactions easier by letting you collect and make payments with your airtime.

They have provided solutions to your excess airtime by giving ways you can convert it to cash into your bank account.

The bad news is that the 30% plus charge to collect from its users is on the high side and they should look into this and consider changing it.

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